5 tips to beat laziness and start exercising

Due to the pandemic, even after the reopening of parks and gyms, many people still prefer not to risk exercising outside the home. In addition, the change in routine, insecurity in relation to preventive measures and many other reasons have led many people to leave aside physical activities. However, because it is so important for physical and mental health, instead of an obstacle, as it may seem, moving the body is even more important in times like this.

Regular physical exercise acts to reduce the levels of hormones linked to stress, such as adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol. Which directly results in increased self-esteem, decreased dissatisfaction, depression and anxiety, in addition to other diseases.

Whether you’re a fan of exercise at home, yoga, pilates, the gym, or outdoor activities like running and cycling, there is certainly a way to adapt your routine and sport to safely enjoy the benefits generated by sport.

If you are trying to include physical activity in your routine, but do not know how to leave laziness aside, check out the 15 tips we have separated in the gallery above!