Boosting Your Brand Image: 7 Benefits of Custom Apparel

In the world of business, if you have been successful enough to have your own brand, one thing that is always on your priority list is getting your brand out there, raising awareness that it even exists, what it stands for, and getting your name recognized here and there. This is no small undertaking, especially nowadays when there are a seemingly endless number of companies and brands all vying for intention, jostling each other for the attention of the public, and trying to attract potential customers. It is certainly not easy, but if you know what you are doing and outplay your competition a little, it is definitely doable. Today we will offer you one option to boost your brand image and some reasons and benefits of doing so: having custom apparel. This can be t-shirts, hats, caps, clothing in general, and souvenir items with your logo or name or something of the sort on them, so basically, your merch.

Increased Recognition

First of all, custom-branded apparel is a fantastic way to increase recognition and visibility for your brand. When wearing something like Custom Printed Hats with your design or logo, employees or customers become walking billboards for you and your brand, something that can prove incredibly powerful at events like conferences, trade shows, or something of the sort, where there is a constant stream of people moving past, seeing your brand. You may even want to consider handing out your brand apparel at these events for free, increasing your recognition even more, in addition to attracting potential customers. A study revealed that 85% of consumers remember the name of a business that gave them a free, promotional product, and 83% are more likely to buy from said brand after receiving merchandise from them. 

Team Spirit and Cohesion

Custom apparel is not only great for attracting customers, but also for enhancing your own employees and team, helping to foster a sense of camaraderie, pride, and cohesion among them. When all the employees wear the same branded apparel, it creates a unity and shared purpose in the team that might be difficult to achieve in other ways, while also letting customers and the public know that they work together for your company without any words needing to be spoken or even any effort to be made. 

Low Cost

Of course, you have to make a bit of an investment to get custom apparel, but not only is that investment not large, but the potential return on said investment can be very significant. According to a recent survey, the cost per impression, or CPI, of promotional material and products is generally much lower than other forms of marketing and advertising, like YouTube ads, television, or even radio. Not only does it cost less, but it also lasts for much longer, as you just rent other forms of advertising, like a billboard, before someone else puts their ad up, but if someone wears your hat or t-shirt or what have you, they wear it for a much longer time, especially if your apparel is high-quality and looks good, something that people want to wear. 

Employee Satisfaction

Giving your employees high-quality custom apparel can be a fantastic way to reward them for their dedication and hard work, showing them that you truly appreciate them and value their place and role in your business. This helps to boost overall morale, reduce turnover, and, in general, foster a more earnest, positive, and supportive work environment for the whole company. It is a small thing, but a uniform has a great effect on the overall mentality of the whole team, unity, the feeling that they are pulling at the same rope for the same purpose. There is a reason why men feel like different men when you stick them into the army and a uniform, and this is not dissimilar to that.

Stand Out

Custom apparel with a unique design makes you stand out from the competition, giving you an edge in the marketplace. Of course, it takes some time, thought, and creativity to lock down on the core concept of a design that is eye-catching and memorable. Think about what makes you the better option over other companies and what makes you different. Maybe you can feature the reason behind your brand’s name, the length of time you have been operating, or product imagery. With some imagination and perhaps a little help and input from talented designers, the sky’s the limit. 

Community Relationships

One key to building and expanding a client base is building customer loyalty, and customers who wear your apparel confirm your brand’s value. This bond that links them to you and your brand can start with some custom apparel they particularly like, and when you design a logo that shows you support something important to them, you increase customer loyalty and retention. This endorsement of you and your brand by people who wear your brand may influence and convince others, expanding your customer base, so you may want to consider emphasizing your brand’s charitable purposes, or some cause you support, meaningful causes, and qualities that are sure to garner most, if not all, people’s respect. 


Giveaways can be incredibly beneficial to your company’s reputation and popularity, so an occasional gift of some high-quality custom apparel like a t-shirt, a bracelet, a hat, or something can make a customer feel appreciated and special, and almost no one expects a gift of value or quality. So when they do get one, a sort of personal connection is forged, especially if they are given the apparel because of a personal reason, like their birthday. Genuine thought and consideration can do wonders in setting you apart from the rest of the soulless corporations that run through consumers like hay, showing them they are more to you than just money farms. 

Getting your brand out there and recognized is no small feat, but having your custom gear can go a long way, and especially considering the overall low cost and effort required, it is a fantastic idea to start with.