Jeremy Renner, Marvel’s Hawkeye, crashes on ice: See his recovery

The actor was hit by an ice-digging machine. (Photo: Instagram)

Actor Jeremy Renner, marvel’s hawk archer, suffered a snow accident at his home in Reno, Nevada. The actor would be trying to clear the way by removing the snow with a snowplow. He was hit by the device, and suffered trauma to the chest, and one of his legs, which caused him to lose a lot of blood.

Jeremy was admitted to the hospital in the ICU, and remains there to this day. What happened would have happened after Jeremy used the machine. He got out of the vehicle to talk to a family member, when she called again alone, and ran over him. The accident shocked the world on the first day of the year. The clean snow was more than six tons.

The actor’s family, and himself have been updating the public about his state of health. He’s been through two surgeries, and he’s been doing physical therapy. According to internal information, there is the possibility that the actor can no longer walk. However, he makes great strides as the days go by. A witness who followed the case told TMZ that the actor was literally crushed by the machine.