How to Take Product Photos

Are your product photos terrible?

If so, you’re not alone. It’s estimated that only a few product pictures are of high-quality. Yet, they are an essential part of selling your products on an e-commerce site.

They’re what convinces people to click the buy button. They give even more credibility to your online store than video offers. They tell prospective customers exactly the quality that they’ll be getting if they purchase your product.

How can you make sure that yours are high-quality? Keep reading for our guide on how to take product photos!

Use the Camera on Your Smartphone

In order to take product photos using your smartphone, it is important to be confident with the camera. This means understanding the different features and settings that are available on your camera.

It is also important to make sure that the product is well-lit and in focus. In terms of composition, it is often helpful to use the rule of thirds.

This means framing the product so that it takes up one-third of the frame. This can help to create a more visually appealing image.

For a technique of photography that completely encircles an object and catches its surroundings, you can check the info on 360 degree photography.

Particularly with 360-degree product photographs, customers can examine the image in a lot more depth and get a greater sense of the goods.

Shoot With a Tripod

If you want your business photos to be consistent, then you should shoot with a tripod.

This will help to keep the camera in the same position for each photo. You will also want to make sure that the tripod is level so that your photos are not distorted.

To get the best results, you should use a lightbox or diffuser when taking your online photos. This will help to soften the light and reduce any shadows.

Choose Between Natural and Artificial Lighting

Natural lighting is free and can be very beautiful, but it’s also unpredictable and can be harsh. Artificial lighting is more expensive, but it gives you more control over the final image.

If you’re shooting in a studio, you’ll probably want to use artificial lighting. But if you’re shooting on location, you’ll need to decide whether the natural lighting is right for your product.

If you’re shooting in a room with a lot of windows, you may be able to get away with using natural light. But if you’re in a dark room or outdoors, you’ll need to use artificial lighting.

Use the Sweep or Portrait Mode

To take product photos, use the Sweep or Portrait Mode to highlight the item. This mode is great for taking close-up photos of products. Use the timer to avoid shaking the camera, and use a tripod if possible.

If you’re outdoors, use natural lighting to avoid shadows. Let the item be the star of the photo by keeping the background simple. Use props sparingly, and avoid using flash.

Learn How to Take Product Photos Today

In order to know how to take product photos that will make your product stand out, you need to take the time to set up your shots and make sure that the lighting is perfect.

You also need to make sure that you use a tripod and that you take multiple shots from different angles. Once you have it, you can then use Photoshop or another program to edit them and make them look even better.

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