How to pack your parcel to avoid damages during shipping

The Best Ways to Pack Your Parcel for Shipping

The receiver of a parcel that has been shipped will want that parcel to be in one piece. If you are shipping a parcel, you need to keep this in mind. During shipping, it is common for parcels to become damaged before reaching their destination. Even though you cannot control this, there are certain things that you can do to reduce the chance of this happening.

One of these things is to package the parcel properly. Packaging your parcel properly will ensure that it will not become damaged during the shipping process. However, you may not know how best to package your parcel for shipping. Meanwhile, ensure that you have your tracking number in order to be able to use package tracking services. If you don’t, the steps mentioned below will make it a piece of cake.

1. Decide on the right packaging

You need to decide on what you want your parcel to be put in for shipping. This does not mean that you should just choose any old packaging and stuff your parcel in it. No, you need to choose the right type of packaging for your parcel. Also, make sure that the packaging is strong enough to stop most external forces. By doing all of these, you will surely get the right packaging for your parcel.

2. Wrap the parcel

You shouldn’t throw your parcel into its packaging directly. Not to mention, another layer of protection is required just to be safe. Wrapping the parcel will help to further protect it from being damaged. You can make use of different types of wrapping paper to wrap your parcel. If your parcel contains multiple items, you should wrap each one individually. Also, if your parcel is fragile, try to wrap it in materials that will cushion the parcel. Try your best to section off parcels that may damage other parcels during shipping.

3. Fill the space

After you have wrapped your parcel and put it in its packaging, there might still be some space in the packaging. While this extra space may seem harmless at first, it can also harm your parcel later on. During shipping, your parcel may move about in this extra space. This movement may also harm the parcel. Due to this, you should fill this space with soft materials. By doing this, you are taking the extra measure in safeguarding your parcel.

4. Seal the packaging

During shipping, your packaging is likely to get opened accidentally. If this happens, your parcel will surely drop out and become damaged. Sometimes, your parcel may fall out and will never be seen again. To prevent this from occurring, you should seal the packaging. Make use of some firm tape to seal your packaging afterward. Use tape that is strong and also water resistant for this. By taping your packaging, your parcel will surely be safer during shipping.

5. Label properly

You should label your packaging and parcel properly beforehand. This is because your packaging will be joined together with others during shipping. There is a high chance of another packaging being the same as yours. 


When shipping a parcel, you will surely want it to arrive safely at its destination. By following the easy steps above, you will be able to do just that.


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