Slot Machine Tricks – Myth or Truth?

Anyone who deals a bit with the subject of gambling will inevitably come across the alleged slot machine tricks that promise quick money in land based casinos or non GamStop casinos sooner or later. In the course of researching for the regular articles on our website, we have recently come across sites that promise their readers that guaranteed winnings are possible at casinos not on GamStop slots games, if one uses the strategies or software programmes offered by the site in question.

Unfortunately, none of these pages and videos reveals the secret. Slots tricks are sold as high-priced e-books or no less expensive software.

Our readers regularly send us emails in which they point out the supposedly great offers and ask us for advice. You may have wondered if the surefire slots trick really exists. Based on recent community feedback, we took a closer look at these products.

In this article, we analyze whether it is at all possible to manipulate slot machines and make long-term profits in the casino or the arcade. We also look at what e-books or software programs are good for. If you actually get more free spins with it, you have a higher payout ratio and better chances of hitting the jackpot? Or is this just humbug? Read on to learn more.

Cases of Land Based Casinos Fraud in the Past!

The idea of manipulating slot machines is almost as old as the slot machines themselves.

The most well-known manipulator of all is Tommy Glenn Carmichael. Between 1970 and 1995, he managed to cheat the casinos in Las Vegas out of hundreds of thousands of US dollars using various tricks and devices he had developed himself.

His most famous development was the so-called Monkeys Paw (translated, this means monkey paw). This is a device that is inserted into the coin slot of the slot machine.

The machine now assumes that new coins are constantly being inserted, giving the fraudster endless free spins.

Carmichael improved these devices to perfection and constantly adapted them to technical developments.

As a result, he was still successful in the 1990s – even at slot machines that no longer accepted coins.

Legal: Gauselmann Machines Could Be Manipulated in 2014

The recent cases where slot machine tricks have been successful are extremely rare – but they do exist. For example, a case that caused a sensation in 2014 is a court case. A 37-year-old was sentenced by the District Court of Hagen (NRW) because he had made a profit of almost 3,000 euros in a game library in Wehringhausen in two days.

By pressing a certain combination of keys, the man managed to win extraordinarily large winnings on the games. Even the ban, according to which a machine may not pay out more than 1000 euros a day, was overridden by the Merkur trick, the local daily newspaper Westfalenpost reported.

The result: The player was convicted of computer fraud.

Russian Mafia Digs Up RNGs of Non GamStop Casinos

Another case of slot machine manipulation became known in 2017 through an article in the English-language Wired Magazine. On its website, the magazine describes the story of a Russian gang who, using an ingenious system, managed to trick the random number generators in slot machines in several non GamStop casinos. The story in short: Because thousands of arcades and online casinos had to close after a nationwide ban on casinos in Russia, the mafia was able to buy up the decommissioned machines cheaply. The goal of the crooks: learn the source code of the machines and spy on weak points. In 2011, a striking number of Novomatic slot machines at casinos not on GamStop paid out high winnings. Even after an intensive check, the technicians could not find any manipulation.

The Mafiosi had apparently learned to recognize patterns that indicate an upcoming larger payout from casinos. The machines do not have a real random number generator (RNG for Random Numbers Generator) but a pseudo-random number generator, i.e. a PRNG.

The Mafiosi had probably logged and analysed millions of results with great effort and in a very targeted manner. They found out that a timestamp is also used to determine the outcome of the game. With the help of a mobile phone and a computer centre at home, they were now able to predict when a machine was likely to pay. The slot machine trick: The player at the casino films a series of games on their cell phone and sends the video home for analysis. After the analysis, the technical department uploads some timestamps to the player’s mobile phone. A special app ensures that the smartphone vibrates at exactly the moment when the PNRG is likely to spit out a large profit.

The system worked so well that a single fraudster could scam up to $10,000 a day using the slot trick. A four-person team was able to generate a quarter of a million dollars a week – until they were arrested in December 2014.

Is this still working? That is unclear. What is certain, however, is that this trick can only be carried out with the immense resources of a mafia structure in the background. Since this probably does not apply to you as our readers, you can unfortunately not use it. And even if you do, we strongly advise against it 

Rumors About System Errors in Merkur Games at Non GamStop Casinos

In 2017 there were also rumours for a while about a suspected system error with Merkur magic in some casinos not on GamStop. There it should be possible to swap a round of free spins for a full screen at the Cairo Casino game.

The Cairo Casino Trick: Play with a bet of 40 cents and wait until the first round of free spins is won.

At that moment, press Payout immediately. The game will then close automatically. You then make a new deposit – and as soon as the machine has started the game again, you will receive the same symbol on all paylines. With such a full picture, winnings of 300 euros are possible.