Impress vs competitors, why is it the best option?

The Impress method is a revolutionary way of aligning teeth. Impress removable and invisible aligners are made from robust rigid polyurethane, a high-tech medical material. 

The biggest benefit of all is that, once you begin your invisible orthodontic treatment with us, the majority of it can be managed from the comfort of your own home, as it is all supervised by our orthodontic specialists in an app. 

After a comparison of all market players, only Impress offers a 360  orthodontic service, not just the aligners like other companies. Impress offers aligners. Among some of the services that Impress stands out from its competitors, we can highlight: Own modern, innovative, best-class equipped clinics; High professional doctors, you can be 100% guaranteed that your treatment is followed by the best doctors with 15+ years of experience; Support 24/7 via the app; 100% customer satisfaction guarantee; And pre-work if you need (caries, for example). 

What’s Impress and why is it the best option on the market (Invisalign, Smile Direct Club, and Dr. Smile)?

Founded in Barcelona in 2019, Impress specialises in invisible orthodontics with a new philosophy that combines health with aesthetics. It is committed to making the orthodontic experience easier and more convenient for everyone by offering more affordable prices and guaranteeing personalised medical care. 

Impress offers patients treatment for complex cases such as overcrowding, abnormal spacing, and bite malalignment, as well as diagnostics like X-Rays before treatment. At Impress, these vital services are carried out by expert teams in the company’s own clinics, which are now in many major cities throughout Europe.  

While some competitors can provide these services, none do so from their own clinics, leaving patients under the care of third-party dental services and therefore open to unnecessary risk. 

As Europe’s first full-service aligner specialists, Impress provides 24/7 professional customer care via the app, regular treatment oversight based on remote assessment, and aligner attachments all with a high rate of customer satisfaction. 

Impress prides itself on its unique value proposition, as the only invisible aligner provider to offer in-depth medical check-ups and treatment monitoring led by in-house orthodontists.  The company also has its own digital treatment planning and mass aligner production facility, elevating the business to true full-service status. 

Impress redesigned DTC clear aligner industry and became the leading tech-driven orthodontic chain of new generation, built the hybrid model with their own clinics and tech. Today Impress has a strong 500 medical team lead by co-founder who is Chief Orthodontist Dr. Khaled Kasem and a chain of own clinics worldwide

Impress always makes in-depth in-clinic medical examination and dental pre-treatment, built own tech-practice management software and digital treatment monitoring,  developed In-house treatment monitoring software and platform with virtual check-ups and doctor communication and built In-house mass scale digital treatment monitoring and clear aligner production facility.

Such an approach allows Impress to outperform its competitors with unique value propositions and technologies. Technologies are the first priorities to disrupt traditional business models while increasing quality and differentiation standards. Absolutely digitalized and customer-oriented solution, powered by tech, made Impress an orthodontic platform and not an aesthetic DTC brand.

Phases of the Impress orthodontic treatment

The Impress treatments consist of 3 main phases. We’ll proceed to explain what each of them consists of, that way you aren’t left with any questions.


In the first phase, diagnosis and pre-orthodontic dental treatments are carried out. During the consultation, x-rays, an oral exam and a 3D scan are performed to obtain a detailed and in-depth image of your oral cavity. Using the results, the medical team will diagnose your case and tell you which treatment suits you best. In addition, after just a few days you will receive a video simulation of what your future smile will look like.

In the event that the medical team considers it necessary to perform any pre-orthodontic dental treatment, it will be carried out befre starting to use the aligners. These treatments can range from performing dental cleanings, treating cavities, placing crowns or bolts, or even extracting a tooth. All this is done to ensure the success of orthodontic treatment. In addition, in this phase, your aligners are sent to be produced, so that when your mouth is completely ready you can start using them immediately. 


This is the main phase of orthodontics. Once your aligners are ready, they will be sent directly to you and you’ll need to make an appointment at the clinic to do the onboarding and to place attachments or perform an initial IPR, if necessary. After this visit, you can proceed to use the first set of your aligners.

During this phase, your doctor may tell you to go to the clinic to perform an IPR, place a dental button, or an elastic. However, visits to the clinic will be occasional since, thanks to the app, our team will be able to monitor your progress online – saving you time and travel.

Most of the follow-up is done from the app weekly or fortnightly, depending on the instructions of your doctor, who will be supervising your case throughout the process. If you’ve worn your aligners correctly for the minimum recommended amount of time, chances are your teeth have moved as expected and your medical team will tell you that you’re ready to move on to the next set of aligners. 


After completing the treatment, you must move on to the final phase: retainers. Retainers are used to help maintain the results of your treatment so you don’t have to wear braces again. Remember that teeth continue moving throughout our whole lives, so it is important that we wear retainers properly.

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