Debunking the Most Common Solar Energy Myths That Exist Today

Over the last ten years in the US, the average yearly growth rate of solar has been 33%, according to the SEIA. This might be due to the Tax Credit initiative that the government rolled out, along with all the clear benefits of solar that people are seeing.

However, you may have been put off going solar due to some negative stories from friends, relatives, co-workers, or in the news? If so, we’d like to clear things up about some common solar energy myths to help you make a better-informed decision about this energy-producing resource.

Now, let’s jump into debunking some of the most common solar energy myths that exist today!

Solar Panels Don’t Work in Cloudy, Snowy, and Cold Weather

You might think that all types of solar panels will work only when the sun is out shining bright with loads of heat. The fact of the matter is that residential solar panels will work in cloudy, snowy, and cold weather. 

It might even surprise you that solar panels work better in cooler weather! You can expect your solar panels to work just as well on a cold winter day as on a hot summer one.

Solar Energy Is Not Economically Viable

The price of solar panels keeps dropping year on year as the technology develops. Once you’ve paid the initial cost of solar panels you reap the benefits of having a more sustainable home.

It should only take a few years to a decade for your solar panels to pay for themselves! And if you choose some of the best solar panels on the market, you can expect your energy bills to be much lower or even zero for years to come.

There’s Too Much Maintenance Involved

Once the installers have done their job, the maintenance involved with solar panels is minimal to none. This is especially true if you have a system connected to the grid.

A minor problem you might face with your panels is when they become obstructed by debris or snow. All this means is you have to get up there with a ladder and clean of these obstructions. This job might be easier if you have a roof window.

Solar Panels Will Cause Roof Damage

In most cases, solar panels will protect your roof rather than damage it. And if there is any damage to your roof for any reason, a professional will be able to remove your panels with ease to deal with the issue. 

The key is to choose the best solar company you can find to ensure they install your mounts and panels so that they don’t cause any roof damage. The Trustpilot website is a great resource to read reviews about different solar companies from customers. some customers may tell you if they’ve had any roof damage or not due to their solar panels.

Solar Energy Myths Debunked

There are more solar energy myths floating out there in the ether, but we’ve covered some of the more common ones in this post. In the end, solar energy has the potential to lower your energy bills and even increase the value of your home.

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