Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness: All you need to know about this new production

Directed by Sam Reimi, this movie is the first one of the MCU that will explore a new dark side. (Photo: Marvel release)

The second movie in the Doctor Strange franchise debuted on the big screen last Thursday (05), and has already won 187 million dollars at the domestic box office. Directed by Sam Reimi, this movie is the first one of the MCU that will explore a new dark side. This article may contain a few spoilers. If you haven’t watched the movie yet, be careful.

To recap the story, we had the first Doctor Strange, the events of the last Avengers movies, such as the “Thanos” issue. Not forgetting the facts of the WandaVision series, which are extremely important for this new movie. Surgeon Doctor Stephen Strange loses the movement of his hands after a car accident, and is unable to fully recover. He finds himself in trouble, and sorcerer Karl Modo helps him to be a master of the mystic arts. Given that, he joins the Avengers to try to stop Thanos from decimating the world’s population. The upshot of the story ends with Vision killed by his own wife (Wanda), and a period in which half the population disappeared. After regularizing the facts, Wanda moves to Westview, where she creates a parallel reality to live happily with her husband and children, just like an American show. Other than that, the events in Spider Man: No way home also contribute to understanding the unfolding of the multiverse. After a wrong spell, a hole is opened in the multiverse, allowing adverse events. However, Marvel Studios President, Kevin Feige, confirmed that details present in the Loki series made it possible for the events of Doctor Strange 2 to happen. 


Multiverse of Madness
The movie starts with Dr Strange waking up from a crazy dream, in which he tries to run away from monsters with a girl, and ends up dying. Thinking it was a dream, the hero goes on with his life and goes to the wedding of Cristine, who was previously his lover. During the event, something happens on the street, and he will play his hero role. He comes across America Chavez, who is the same girl in his dream. Who is America? She is a powerful being who can transport herself across universes. She’s running from something she’s not sure what it is, and asks Stephen of this universe (the one we know) for protection. Strange decides to enlist the help of whoever he thinks might know more about the multiverse, and assist in this battle. He goes after Wanda. And that’s how the big plot of the film begins: Wanda is the one that is trying to capture America. After what happened in Westview she decides to use a dark sorcery book, and longs to live her life in another universe, in one where her children exist. Every night she dreams of Billy and Tommy, and when she wakes up it’s the same nightmare. Faced with this, Wanda begins a hunt for the girl who can create portals between the universes. Even so, America still doesn’t have full mastery over her powers, and she can only open the portals when she feels threatened or afraid. 

Between trips to new universes and new discoveries, Stephen, Mordo and America must do their best to stop Wanda from collapsing. Important characters appear, such as Doctor Xavier, from X-Men, and the elastic man, from Fantastic Four. In the end, Strange must turn to the dreaded book, and manages to save America and Wanda from herself. In this new movie we can see a new perspective from the characters. For starters, Wanda takes over a whole new personality. She is suffering, and the viewer can feel that. And even Stephen has a new look, darker. In the end of the movie, we can see that he suffered side effects from using the dark book. In an extra scene we can see that he will join Clea (Clarlize Theron) in new missions. We look forward to knowing what fate will take Dr Strange.


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