Do You Want to Learn More About Cisco Identity Services Engine? Become an Ace After Taking Cisco 300-715 Exam!

Any IT professional knows that adding a Cisco certification under the belt will bring extraordinary benefits to one’s career. Cisco CCNA helps candidates leverage their skills in different domains. The Cisco 300-715 exam, for example, focuses on testing the examinees’ knowledge of managing the Cisco Identity Services Engine. Apart from that, it is associated with two major accreditations. The first one is the Cisco Certified Specialist – Security Identity Management Implementation accreditation and the CCNP Security certification. The latter one implies passing one more test coded 350-701.

Read on to find more about how the Cisco Identity Services Engine can be used and what you can do to develop the necessary skills with the 300-420 evaluation.

What is Cisco Identity Services Engine and Who Can Use It?

The Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) is recognized in the IT world as a network administration product, which is used for security creation and administration. It was developed with the main purpose to simplify the processes related to identity management across different types of applications and devices. With only one appliance, you can combine authorization, authentication, accounting, 300-425 , and posture. Besides, it consolidates endpoint compliance and offers support for policy-based placement, profiling, discovery, and monitoring of various endpoint devices on your access network.

Do you wonder what positions deal with it? If you are a Network Security Engineer or Wireless Network Security Engineer, then you will need to know how the Cisco Identity Services Engine works to successfully complete your tasks. As a Network Security Engineer, you will use the ISE product to protect your company’s systems from hacking attempts and cyber threats. Besides, if you work as a Wireless Network Security Engineer, you make use of 200-901  ISE to develop plans that will help in mitigating the risks that can expose the organization’s wireless networks.

How Will Cisco 300-715 Exam Help You Learn More About ISE?

If you decide to take the Cisco 300-715 exam, you will consolidate the following skills related to managing Cisco Identity Services Engine product:

  • Configuring personas and describing deployment options
  • Configuring AD, LDAP, Exam-Labs phasing deployment, network access devices
  • Dealing with web authentication, guest access services, sponsor, and guest portals
  • Implementing profile services, probes, CoA, and configuring endpoint identity management
  • Understanding BYOD functionality and implementing together with blocklist/allow list configuration
  • Configuring policy, posture conditions, compliance module, Cisco ISE operational modes and posture agents
  • Administering different types of access devices and comparing AAA protocols


Consolidating your skills in managing the Cisco Identity Services Engine will help you differentiate from other candidates and become a reliable member of your team. While using the product will offer you hands-on experience, you will need the 300-435 exam to understand how it works. Follow the test’s list of topics and focus on leveraging your skills to pass the Cisco 300-715 test without emotions.


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