Do Dentist Reviews Matter? Here’s What You Need to Know

So you’ve just started your dental practice and you’re struggling to get patients through your reception door?

The answer probably lies in your dentist reviews. Online reviews are crucial for attracting more patients to your dental practice. Negative online reviews can also damage your dental practice’s reputation so you have to always be on the lookout for them!

So what do you do? How do you ensure you get the right reviews for your dental practice?

Here’s why dentist reviews are important for your practice:

Website Traffic

The first benefit of online reviews for dental practices is that they’ll garner more traffic to your website.

The more traffic you garner to your website the greater the chances of it ranking highly on search engine results pages. As you garner more traffic, you can expect some visitors to turn into patients!

As such, you want to consider looking into lead generation services. This helps connect your dental practice with potential patients. You can look at this link to see how lead generation can help your dental practice.

You can display these online reviews on your dental practice’s website. You can also register your website on popular review sites where your patients can publish their reviews.

Now, the next challenge is to ensure that your patients write online reviews for your dental practice!

Getting Dental Practice Reviews

The best way to find more patients is to ask your existing patients to offer a positive testimonial for your services.

However, this can be a great challenge as most patients don’t want to go through the hassle of writing online reviews. One of the things you can do is offer them a short survey during waiting times or just before they leave your practice.

You can also ask them in person about their experience. If they aren’t pleased with your service, make sure you ask them how you can improve.

If they’re pleased with your service you should encourage them to write an online review. You can also send them occasional emails requesting them to write a review.

If they do write a review, make sure you send them a thank-you email. If they don’t write an email, make sure you don’t keep pestering them to do so.

You can also ask them to fill in a short feedback form as they’re waiting for their appointment. You can use this feedback to promote your dental practice. You must inform them that their responses might get published on your website.

Get Your Dentist Reviews

Now that you know the importance of dentist reviews you can request your patients to offer their feedback for your dental practice.

You want to consider hiring a marketing agency to help you with lead generation. This will help you communicate with your patients to garner more reviews.

The more positive testimonials you receive you’ll be able to garner more traffic to your website. Make sure you encourage your patients to leave their feedback through online reviews.

You can find more tips on how to promote your dental practice on our blog!


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