Some everyday things that are causing you back pain

Our everyday habits can cause stress and stains to our muscles and joints, so most people suffer from back pain. There are various behaviours that we repeatedly indulge in that can cause back pain. 

If you are suffering from back pain, here are some bad habits that you should prevent to avoid back pain.

No physical activity

If you are spending your whole day without indulging in some physical activity or exercise, it can lead to poor posture and back pain. Various exercises are beneficial for avoiding getting back pain, such as pilates or a few core strengthening exercises, which helps in increasing stability in your back muscles.

Cardiovascular activities can also be adopted, such as swimming, walking or cycling. 

Sitting for long hours in a poor position.

While sitting in a poor position for long can cause strain to your muscles which can cause stress on your spine, thus causing you back pain. Poor posture can change your spine position anatomically. 

To avoid back pain and injuries, stand with your knees bent and place one foot forward to take pressure off your lower back, which will help eliminate pressure from your lower back. While sitting, make sure your hips are slightly higher than your knees.

If you lifted something incorrectly.

Back injuries occur when you lift something heavy, and that too incorrectly. So, while lifting anything, bend your knees and lift your leg strength, head down, back straight, to avoid pressure on your back and twisting which can cause pain.

If you are overweight

If you lack an active lifestyle or gain weight rapidly, you can surely experience back pain. Being overweight and obese can put pressure on your lower back can cause back pain. It is necessary to follow some good habits in your daily routine to avoid getting back pain. 

Habits such as exercise, a healthy balanced diet, and an active lifestyle are necessary to remain healthy and avoid back pain. 


Another poor habit that you should ditch right away is smoking; not just damaging for your lungs; cigarettes release nicotine which reduces calcium absorption from the body, thus making your bone weak and increasing the risk of developing osteoporosis. 

Weak, brittle and fragile bones can lead to back pain; in addition, coughing, which is quite common among smokers, is another cause.

Calcium and Vitamin D deficiency

Lack of nutrients such as calcium and vitamin D can also cause back pain. These nutrients are necessary for bone strength. If you are deprived of consuming these nutrients in your daily routine or lack sun exposure, it’s better to consult a doctor and consume supplements that will boost their level, thus reducing back pain. 

Sedentary lifestyle

Limiting activities meant for pain management can increase pain and inflammation. When you indulge in pain management activities during your back pain, it increases blood flow by decreasing inflammation and thus reduces muscle tension.

Research has shown that people who indulge in pain management activities in their daily routine experience flexibility and fast recovery compared to those who take complete bed rest. 

Not just that, prolonged bed rest not just increases your pain but also leads to other complications such as depression, blood clots and a decrease in muscle tone. 

You can even go for chiropractic care at Spokane Spine Team for getting rid of back pain


It’s never too late to start improving your daily habits to eliminate back pain from occurring or becoming chronic. Adopt healthy habits and focus on keeping the correct posture to avoid having back pain again.