10 Scientifically-proven Ways to Become Smarter

A person strives all his life to become a better person. Not only externally, but also internally. Here is a selection of the most effective ways to become smarter.

Stay a Student

This means that a person must be constantly in the study of some new information. Or you can go deeper into the study of what is already known. And it’s not only about improving your skills at work. It’s also about your hobbies. For example, you can try to bet in Canada using not a Martingale but a Danish strategy. Or you can try drawing not with simple but oil paints. 

Such “training” is quite useful and for the work of the brain: in this way, a person makes the most natural prevention of various diseases.

Read Books

In this case, it’s again about learning something new. It turns out that reading books alone has lots of benefits. But you should only read good literature, not some scary detective stories, which describe various murders. Such literature is unlikely to be useful.

Give Vent to Your Emotions

Conventionally, intelligence can be divided into two parts – rational and emotional. When a person says that he wants to become smarter, the rational side is involved. Often the emotional side is not involved at all. But if one gives vent to emotions, then both sides will function in equal parts.

Do the Opposite of What You Are Doing

In order for things to develop successfully, it is necessary to do the usual things a little differently. For example, you can try to write a text paragraph with the other hand, which is usually not involved. Then the brain will receive a signal of some new action, and therefore begin to look for the path of least resistance to renewal. Yes, and the person will be able to learn something new.

Stop Using Search Engines

The Internet greatly simplifies a person’s life, but with it a lazy brain begins. After all, it is much easier to quickly learn the answer to a question and forget about it, than to search for the answer in a relevant book and save this information on the subconscious. To become smarter, it is necessary not to use search engines at least for a week, and to look for answers in other ways.

Play Mind Games

Nowadays, game developers can offer anything. So why not take advantage of it? After all, in mobile game stores you can find even a free version of some game that is aimed at brain development. In this case, you can combine business with pleasure: it will occupy your time and stimulate your brain.

Talk to Yourself

Some may find it strange, but talking to yourself helps to organize the flow of thoughts. For by talking your thoughts out loud, you can immediately discard the unnecessary, as well as remember what is important.

You can not just talk to yourself, sitting in front of a mirror, but also hum a song, read a poem aloud or utter a sentence. All this will have a positive effect on the activity of the brain, and therefore the mind.

Formulate Your Thoughts Briefly

To learn how to do this, you can use social networks. In some of them, the number of characters for writing is strictly limited. And it is necessary to use it. You can also just take a piece of paper and draw some figure on it. After that, the flow of your thoughts should be written inside this figure, but so that the words do not go beyond the boundaries. All this teaches you to systematize your thoughts, which in the end allows you to speak clearly and concisely on the point.

Study Languages

In this case, the brain will receive new information to remember. And then it is possible to think then also in a foreign language, i.e. with an inner voice try to speak thoughts in another language. It is excellent training, and it may also help in your career.

Surround Yourself With Intelligent People

When communicating with them, you can involuntarily train your brain and mind, because they can share new information or teach you something new.


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