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Video editing is a creative adventure, and most individuals don’t want to compromise on quality. Content producers must always be alert to perform their tasks well. That’s why video editors are always on the lookout for new technologies to make their jobs easier.

It’s hard to beat InVideo when it comes to quick and easy video editing. Here, we’ll examine how InVideo can assist you in crafting appealing videos, followed by the steps involved.

How can InVideo Assist in Crafting Appealing YouTube Videos?

Using InVideo as a video editor, you may produce professional-looking videos without any prior editing knowledge. You can generate content in under five minutes using preset templates.

If you’re a skilled editor looking to start from scratch, InVideo has a blank template option for you. Individuals and businesses who want to personalize their films may do so with the help of InVideo’s Premium templates.

InVideo can also turn a blog entry into a video automatically. Text-to-video material may be created using a variety of video editing programs. However, InVideo offers the greatest visual effects.

Today’s video material is produced for various social media channels. Their video aspect ratios and frame rates are all different. Templates from InVideo may be customized to fit any platform or video format.

Videos for LinkedIn Newsfeed, Facebook Newsfeed Videos, Facebook Carousel Posts, and Instagram Stories are just a few examples of the types of videos you’ll discover.

You can build marketing-ready films using InVideo’s drag-and-drop editor. InVideo, in contrast to many other more sophisticated applications, offers an intuitive user interface that makes the video production process more enjoyable.

Because this is a cloud-based editor, any changes you make are automatically stored. Indeed, we can say with confidence that InVideo is a game-changer in the field of video-editing tool.

Features of InVideo

1. Templates galore 

InVideo’s key selling point is the sheer number of templates available. Every subject is covered by the nearly 100 templates they’ve amassed in their collection. There are numerous modifying options available for each template, allowing you to tailor them to your specific market. 

2. Incorporation of social networking sites 

A majority of social media sites are covered by InVideo’s templates. The themes have been designed with video sizes of social networking sites’ in mind. You may quickly make changes to your videos on both YouTube and Instagram. Also, they have a plethora of Facebook ad templates. 

3. Intro/Outro for the brand 

As we all know, a company’s first step is to create an introductory or outro video to introduce themselves. Intro/outro videos can be created effortlessly with InVideo. Using a dedicated into/outro template, you can create a great intro without having to worry about putting in much effort. 

4. Support 

You can put your faith in me. So far, the support for InVideo has been top-notch. You may also read customer testimonials to see how satisfied customers are with their service. They pay attention to every request and find a speedy solution. 

5. Cost-effective

InVideo’s pricing is affordable and true to its advertised value. You won’t feel obligated to shell out a lot of cash to get your job done. We’ll get into pricing a little further in the next section. So, be sure to check it out.

How to Use InVideo to Make a YouTube video

Making YouTube videos with InVideo is simple, even if you aren’t experienced in video production and editing. The user-friendly interface encourages you to expand your creative boundaries and bring your visions to reality by pushing you in the right direction.

If your ultimate aim is to create YouTube videos, the pre-existing template library may be your savior. Now that we’ve got the platform down pat, let’s get started making some eye-catching marketing videos.

  • To begin producing YouTube videos, go to InVideo’s website and sign up using your account information. This is the first step. You must create an account if you don’t already have one.
  • A template library will be shown to you after you have signed in. Choose the desired template if you’re beginning from the ground up. It’s easy to choose a template you like from the many available.
  • You may begin adding unique media components, such as graphics, music, and pictures, once you’ve finalized a template.
  • Your YouTube video may now be more visually attractive by using transitions, animations, and other special effects.
  • Finally, alter the fonts, text styles, and colors to fully personalize your video. Download the video and share it on your YouTube channel.

InVideo Pricing

InVideo is reasonably priced, and you can choose a plan according to how often you intend to edit. Newbie editors, for example, may make use of the tool’s free edition to learn the fundamentals of video editing. The free edition has a large number of templates, so even those who are just starting out will be able to improve their skills.

The Business plan is your best option if you want to utilize InVideo to promote your small business. A 15-minute video may be created here, with a monthly clip export limit of 60 clips.

Using the business plan, you may work with an infinite number of team members, and your video material is eligible for resale rights. At the cost of $10 a month, this service also offers text-to-speech automation.

When it comes to video-making efforts, larger companies are quite active, and 60 clips each month just isn’t enough for them. For $30 a month, such customers may upgrade to the unlimited plan. You no longer have a limit on the number of video exports you may do if you have access to the business plan.

Cons of InVideo

The benefits of InVideo much outweigh the drawbacks. The only drawback is that you can’t make changes to the template once you’ve selected it. For those who don’t like the changes and prefer to work with a template, this means starting again.

Exporting the modified video from InVideo also takes a lengthy time. There isn’t a mobile app for InVideo. As a result of these restrictions, smartphone users are forced to utilize the app’s online version.


InVideo offers a wide variety of tools for video creators of various niches. It’s a godsend for companies who use social media for marketing their products. One of the best things about this site is that you may upload whatever kind of video you want.

You’d have to put in time and effort in many places. There are some amazing brand-focused solutions available to help improve your company’s public image. It also allows you to create an online community to promote your business.


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