How to Apply for a Nigeria Visa Online

Most foreigners need to have a travel document to cross Nigerian borders. Instead of heading to the Embassy, you can now use the online portal to submit the necessary documents. The procedure is straightforward and easy to complete. Scroll down to learn how to save your time online.

Can I Travel Without a Visa?

The permission to enter the country without a visa is granted only to 17 African countries. Nigeria has visa abolition agreements with these nations, which allow people to skip visa procedures. If you’re not a citizen of any of them, then you have to obtain this document in advance.

What Visas are Available for Online Application?

The service allows you to apply for any type of travel documents to Nigeria. The most popular are:

  • Tourist/Visitor (explore the country, visit friends and relatives)
  • Business (business events and short trips related to work)
  • Employment (issued to experts invited to provide field-specific qualified services)

5 Steps to Get a Nigerian Travel Document

  1. Go to the official website of Nigeria Immigration Service

Instead of heading to the Embassy, you can launch the application process through their portal. All you need is a laptop/smartphone and a stable Internet connection. You’ll need to sign in using your Open ID, Google, or Yahoo account.

  1. Fill out the application

When you’re logged in, open the form to enter the data. It consists of drop-down questions that are easy to answer. You’ll need to submit a list of required documents to get a Nigerian travel permission. It varies for each visa type. These are the documents that you’ll most likely need to submit:

  • An international passport (valid for at least 6 months and with 2 blank pages for visas)
  • 2 photos that meet the standard specifications
  • An invitation from Nigeria (friends, family, a University, company, or travel agency/hotel)
  • A detailed itinerary of your stay in Nigeria (in English)
  • Scans of booked tickets (including the return ticket)
  • A bank statement that shows sufficient funds to cover the trip
  1. Pay the fee

After submitting the application, you’ll get a link to pay the fee. Note that the only way to pay is through online services. Cash payments are prohibited by the Nigerian authorities. The accepted currency is US dollars. You can postpone this procedure and transfer the money later.

  1. Print the application and send it to the Embassy

This is where the digital part ends. According to the rules, the foreigner must submit the application in paper format. Either take it to the Embassy in person or send it via registered mail. When the consular officers get your letter, they’ll add you to the system and start processing your visa. You’ll get a reference number to check the status of your application.

  1. Interview

Sometimes, applicants are invited for an interview. In this case, take the original documents, as well as your application and confirmation of payment. During the meeting, answer briefly and honestly.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Visa

The price of processing your application depends on your country. Check information on the official website. When making the transaction, it’s better to notify your bank in advance. Some financial institutions decline payments to Nigeria if they consider them suspicious.

But keep in mind that you’ll also have to pay for getting certain documents, translating them into English if necessary and for the visa photos. The latter could be denied if they fail to meet the Nigerian visa photo specifications.

How to Take a 100% Correct Photo

It’s better to rely on professional agencies to make your photo match the requirements. Upload a photo to the specialized photo editing tool. Let it adjust the image to fit the specifications. Download the edited photo and attach it to the application.

Getting the permission to enter Nigeria is easier than most people think. Just study the official information and follow instructions. To make the process faster, apply online.