Meghan Markle denies making Kate Middleton cry during Oprah’s interview

Meghan and Harry are trying to create a common home for their son, Archie (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

The controversial interview of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to Oprah Winfrey yielded many confessions of the Sussex couple. In addition to having announced that they were expecting a girl, the second heir of the two, Meghan Markle took the opportunity to comment on her relationship with her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton. Asked if she had made Middleton cry, Markle denied it.

In the two-hour chat, Meghan Markle explained what happened and said: “It was the other way around”. Without going into details, the Duchess of Sussex said that the two had a disagreement related to details of their wedding ceremony, but that Kate sent her flowers and apologized. She also guaranteed that the relationship between the two is good and that there is no rivalry.

Regarding the relationship with the rest of the royal family, the couple said they were not dislocated by Queen Elizabeth II, but that they lost the security team when they moved to the United States. Prince Harry also revealed that he had suffered a financial cut. So he had to rely on the funds left by his mother, Lady Di, after her death.


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