It is FAKE that the photo shows a crowd protesting US election fraud

A photo of a crowd in Washington, DC, is circulating on social media. Messages accompanying the image say it is a pro-Donald Trump protest and against alleged electoral fraud in the US elections.

The photo shows a central area of the capital of the United States, close to the Congress, totally crowded. The caption says that this is a record of the 14th of November, of the “March stop the electoral theft”. However, the information is false. The photo, in fact, depicts the “Women’s march onWashington”, held on January 21, 2017.

The mobilization was not pro-Trump, even the president was the target of the protest. The movement was in defense of the rights of women, the LGBT population and immigrants and was summoned to the next day of his inauguration as president. Over a million people participated in the protest in DC. The demonstrations have spread to other cities in the United States.

A protest by supporters of Trump was held last November 14 against what they believe to be electoral fraud. But the number of participants was estimated at 10,000 people by the local press, much less than at the 2017 event. Joe Biden’s victory was defined on the 7th by the American press.

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